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I’ve started a list of links that send out positive vibes into the internet universe, ranging from lupus blogs to my favourite food bloggers, to other rocking’ health blogs and websites. Start clicking and get connected!

Lupus Blogs & Websites (listed in no particular order):

Helpful Products:

  • Make Great Light: UV sensitive? Make Great Light sells Florescent Light Filters at a discounted price for individuals with Lupus!

Other rockin’ health blogs & websites:

Looking for health activist bloggers of all kinds? Check out WEGO Health’s health activist nominee page. It lists current and past nominees for you to scroll through and discover!

If I had to name my favourite high profile wellness warrior, it would be, hands down, the amazing and positive Kris Carr. She’s a cancer survivor creating a “crazy, sexy, wellness revolution.”

In case you’re curious, here are my favourite food bloggers. I’m not vegan, but these lovely ladies create delicious recipes that I can easily modify to suit my “mostly vegetarian” diet. Although, more times than not, I don’t modify them at all!

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