The Last Post

I can’t really remember what life was like or who I was before I started this blog.

I wrote the first post when I was 28 years old, a manic blur in my childhood bedroom. Even amid the medicinal haze and brain inflammation, I knew I couldn’t hide it anymore, that I needed help. And just like that, you were there. So many of you were there to show me I wasn’t alone, that I could get through it, that I could get to her… the healthier me I am today.

This part of the journey is coming to an end, but I want to continue to advocate and tell our shared story in a different way. I haven’t figured out how yet, but I need to close this door to discover what it is.

This is the last post of this ridiculous, amazing record of all that pain, of the blank slate it gave me, of the lessons I will never forget. I’m grateful for this chance to live a different kind of life, for realized dreams, for the love and support of my family and friends.

And I’m grateful to you for helping me face forward when I could hardly move. For visiting me here when I felt so isolated and afraid.

I will take the blog offline one day, but till then, I leave it here with you.

With love,



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