Book Review: Fabulupus – A Must-Read For Young People with Lupus


Authors Jodie Nimigon-Young and Jessica Kundapur wrote Fabulupus: How to Be Young, Successful, and Fabulous (with Lupus) in response to the lack of resources for young people despite the fact that “most people with lupus are diagnosed with this crazy, unpredictable illness during the craziest, most unpredictable time of their lives.” Amen to that, sisters! My diagnosis came to light not long after I turned twenty and with next to no guidance from my rheumatologist, I thought my life was over. If a book like Fabulupus had fallen into my hands 14 years ago, would my lupus journey have been easier? Reading the book in hindsight sounded like a fascinating task. When Jessica Kundapar contacted me, asking if I would be willing to review the book, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

So, let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Fabulupus should be in the hands of every newly diagnosed young person with lupus. In fact, their loved ones should be reading it, too, and here’s why:

In their promo material, Jodie and Jessica pose the question: “Can you be a young person with lupus and still be successful and fabulous?” They proclaim a resounding “yes!” and go the extra mile to prove it. Fabulupus leaves no stone unturned, offering personal experiences, detailed examples, and tips on how to manage every aspect of a young person’s life including relationships, self-esteem and style, employment, finances, and spirituality just to name a few.

Fabulupus is inspiring, informative, and thoughtfully written with a supportive and caring voice. Jodie and Jessica are relatable, knowledgeable, and have created a resource that will give young people the tools they need to feel empowered about their self-care. Lost and afraid, I made many mistakes after my diagnosis that led to constant flares and unhappiness. If I had read Fabulupus, I think that much of that suffering could have been avoided. Even as one no longer termed as a “young adult,” there were many aspects of the book that could still apply to my life as I continue to learn how to be successful and fabulous with lupus.

I benefitted greatly from those who offered their unique pearls of lupus wisdom, who showed me that they came out the other side, who gave me hope that I could do the same. Let’s spread the Fabulupus love and support Jodie and Jessica in their mission to help all our young lupies out there! You can check them out on twitter @Fabulupus or at their website

Have you read an amazing lupus book? Let me know! I can add a Face Forward Virtual Bookshelf page to get all that vital information flowing to the people who need it!

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