Curry, Cauliflower, Cranberries & The Golden Rule

It’s the first really cold night of the season and I’m keeping myself warm with an oven full of curried cauliflower with cranberries.  Who knew that particular C-combination would be sooo delicious?  I popped it in the oven late tonight to pack for Monday’s lunch and it’s been a challenge to hold back from eating it all! Check out Choosing Raw’s super easy recipe here.

The change in weather and the upcoming Christmas season have unleashed the hacking and flu-ridden, bone chilling, Raynaud’s inducing temperatures, and tempting seasonal goodies and drinks (the kinds that are more likely to encourage Lupus than keep it at bay). I need to be careful, especially with my white blood cell count dipping back down to 1.5. This time around, my rheumatologist seems unconcerned, so much so that there’s been no talk of increasing my meds. I’m pleased with this of course, but it has left me very confused.  Why so laid back the second time and so panicked the first? I’m not sure how concerned I should be, if at all!  I will email my rheumatology nurse this week, but in the meantime, I’ll follow what I’ve learned is the golden rule when it comes to these matters: When in doubt, REST.

So, a peaceful rest to you, my friends, and a happy, cozy week ahead.  :)

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