Finding Take-Out Within

There are days when you need to get take-out.  The fridge and the cupboards are bare, the store is closed, and you have no choice but to venture out for that vermicelli bowl down the street or the sushi two blocks away or even the veggie burger across the bridge.  For me, the reality is that most times, my cupboards are full of beans, lentils, and brown rice, sweet potatoes and acorn squash sit in a wicker basket atop my toaster oven, and kale, spinach and tomatoes lie in wait in my fridge.  That was the very case tonight as I sat glumly (and lazily) in my apartment, trying to convince myself that there was NOTHING to eat.  I scanned my “healthy” take-out options online, trying to ignore the inner voice asking, “these are basic recipes… why the heck aren’t I just making this myself?”  Tonight, my will power won out and I was able to find take-out within by creating a simple rice noodle dish with garlic, onion, sweet peppers, shrimp, almond chilli sauce and crushed, raw cashews on top. My schedule and family events as of late have upped my restaurant food intake quite a bit, so hopefully tonight’s success will carry me through to a more balanced week in the kitchen!


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