The Proof is in the Prednisone


While perusing my blood test records, I made a huge discovery.  One year ago, I was back on prednisone in an attempt to increase my low white blood cell count. After a few weeks, my WBC was up to 2.8, so my rheumatologist insisted that I keep taking a low dose to continue to stabilize.  It was then that I started a gradual plan to wean myself off prednisone with my naturopath, paired with a renewed focus on food as medicine.  A year later (this past June), after 8 months of being off prednisone, my WBC was 2.8, the same as it was when I was taking it a year ago!  This was it, the huge breakthrough I’ve been working towards for past three years, the first real results of all my wellness experimentation!  For the first two years, it was nearly impossible to understand what was happening with my body because of all the different drugs I was taking.  Was Lupus acting up or was it a side effect from one of the drugs? Were the drugs making me feel better or was it because of the lifestyle changes I was making? Now, I finally have some concrete evidence that my body does not need prednisone to keep Lupus at bay.  The proof is in the prednisone, or in this case, the lack there of!

And what better way to celebrate this invigorating discovery than enjoying a yummy Asian noodle bowl inspired by a Thrive recipe, an outdoor run, and a nutrient-packed post-run snack?

Cucumber, collard greens, cilantro, & cashews over brown rice noodles & Asian peanut sauce. Yum!


Post-run snack: Almond butter & avocado on a rice cake… who knew it could taste so good?


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