Cooking for the Wolf: Farmer’s Market Inspiration!

Despite the cold, torrential downpour, the fresh, fragrant produce of my farmer’s market anniversary celebration inspired and motivated me to log some serious time at the kitchen counter.  A second trip this past Saturday fueled the fire, resulting in an array of farmer’s market creations and discoveries: My first taste of sauteed beet greens (why throw them out?), the discovery of collard greens (perfect in smoothies!), my first batch of homemade  hummus, lentil burger patties, curried butternut squash with kale, raw marinara sauce, and chilled roasted beet and avocado soup.  Most of the recipes are from Brendan Brazier’s amazing book, “Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health.”  As a newbie cook, I’m loving the simplicity and ease of the recipes so far. I’m hoping to work through each recipe ala “Julie and Julia,”except without the time pressure. I’ve knocked off 11 out of 200 already, so there’s plenty of epic food adventure ahead! The raw recipes have me especially curious and eager to learn and experiment.  A Face Forward “Raw Food for a Week”  Wellness Challenge is definitely on the horizon!

Here are some pics of my most recent Cooking for the Wolf adventures. I can’t wait to visit the market again this weekend!

Kale bundles of nutrient-packed goodness! 

Anniversary Celebration Farmer’s Market Bounty!

Now that’s a good lookin’ onion.

Orange beets roasted and peeled for blending.

Chilled Soup & Margherita Pizza

Chilled roasted beet & avocado soup (Thrive) & tortilla wrap goat cheese mozzarella, fresh basil margherita pizza (my own creation) with homemade tomato sauce (modified from Thrive): The notion of cold soup was never appealing to me, but this recipe is delicious! I’m definitely planning to make this one often.

Lentil Patty Over Greens

Homemade lentil burger patty (Thrive) over a spinach salad with hemp & chia seed vinaigrette (my creation): My very first homemade patty! I pay $12 for a similar meal at my local vegan burger joint – why pay when I can make it at home on my own? No brainer!

Treasures from my market trip this past Saturday: Check out the rainbow carrots and the purple peppers! The fresh, organic basil was my favourite purchase of the day. The fragrance was so delightful, I continued my shopping with it held up to my nose as though it were a bouquet of flowers!

Raw Marinara Sauce & Brown Rice Pasta

Raw marinara sauce (modified from Thrive) over brown rice spaghetti: The recipe originally called for strips of zucchini instead of cooked pasta for a truly raw pasta dish, but I opted for the quick fix. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was so hungry I didn’t think to check the picture before digging in!





4 thoughts on “Cooking for the Wolf: Farmer’s Market Inspiration!

  1. May I ask if you live alone, or do you share with neighbors? I found it very hard to cook for me alone. My Mom now lives with me and she does all the cooking. I’m pretty proud of how much Salad and vegetables I eat now. I am so impressed with your brave accomplishments, stick with it. I am working on losing weight and eating for my health instead of eating my favorites for taste. ITs slow but steady.


    • Hi Vernette,
      Nice to hear from you! I do live alone and it’s been a process to learn how to grocery shop so that I don’t waste food. I do share sometimes, but I mostly try to freeze meals. When I make a meal, I usually make enough for 4 servings. I’ll eat one, then separate the rest in one serving containers. I’ll put one in the fridge for the next day, and then freeze the other two for another day or week, so I don’t get bored eating the same thing. That’s awesome that you are eating lots of salad and veggies. It took me many years to get lots of greens in my diet. I still struggle since I don’t really like eating salads, so I try to get my greens by putting them in smoothies. I have a long way to go, so it’s nice to know you are out there on the same journey with me. :)


    • Yay! Farmer’s markets are awesome. I don’t know why I haven’t been going reguIarly! I look forward to hearing about your trip to the market in your blog. :)


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