10 K Wellness Challenge Complete!


Two weeks ago, my running bucket list got a little bit shorter. On June 17th, I ran my very first 10 km race!  The adrenaline and excitement of race day propelled me to a 1 hour and 14 minute finish. My goal was 1 hour and 30 minutes. I had forgotten my running watch in the hustle and bustle of the morning, so I was floored when I got my results.  It was more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.

While I was over the moon about my results, the experience wasn’t about the finish time, it was about the process and challenge of getting to race day. It definitely wasn’t easy balancing the huge increase of cardio with sufficient nutritional intake.  I am a light eater naturally and that, combined with the fact that I am still learning about non-meat, protein rich foods resulted in a 12 pound weight loss.  I was fearful that I was pushing myself to the edge, since historically, rapid weight loss had been a warning sign of an oncoming flare.  I based my training on the Running Room’s “10 K to Complete” regiment and did my best to listen to my body, giving myself permission to be flexible with my training schedule.  Fatigue interrupted my training a few times, resulting in week long running breaks.  I continued to dance once a week and added dodgeball in the last month and a half.  It was a busy time in other aspects of my life as well, so I was super conscious of getting the rest I needed to make it to the starting line.  Ironically, getting to the finish line was the easy part. “Easy, ” of course, is a relative term! The time spent in the sun was arguably the most challenging part of the day.  My fatigue post-race was less about the run than it was about the sun exposure.

As I work my way towards my ultimate, half-marathon goal, I now understand that my health situation may require the help of resources like a fitness trainer, dietician, or possibly signing up for a Running Room training group. I have my eye on the half-marathon race next June, so I will be doing my research and looking into recruiting some health professionals to help me achieve my running dream: To run in the same half-marathon race as my father.

So, it’s onward to the next wellness challenge.  I’ve been spending some time brainstorming what my wellness plan will be for the next year. Here’s my list of options so far:

  • Cooking for the Wolf Challenge: Raw food for a week
  • Yoga 5-times a week for a month
  • Half-marathon in June 2013
  • Continue playing dodgeball?
  • Take a third year of dance classes?
  • Swimming lessons?
  • Martial arts?
  • Tai chi?

Let me know your thoughts and ideas, my friends!  Which wellness challenge do you think I should take on next?

5 thoughts on “10 K Wellness Challenge Complete!

  1. A 10K! Congrats. Most I ever made was a 5 K so I congratulate you. I read with interest:

    “I now understand that my health situation may require the help of resources like a fitness trainer, dietician, or possibly signing up for a Running Room training group.”

    I worked with a highly trained exercise physiologist in Colorado Springs who had an orthopedic background and he developed an exercise plan specifically designed for me. What I liked was the willingness to learn about a conditions he’d never heard of and get extremely creative, rather than the cookie cutter approach that I’d get at the local ‘Y.’


    • Thanks, Annie. I’ll definitely look into exercise physiologists here. That’s great that you found someone with such a progressive and open minded approach. What kinds of things did he do with you?


      • I had a totalk knee replacement and PT after surgery didn’t ‘do the trick’ so he continued PT while developing a program to entrain more muscles and train nerves so my balance was better. He customized that programed to the complications I have from lupus. Tomorrow, he’ll begging another program taking into account the Shrinking Lung Syndrome which prevents what most of us consider excercis: but I still need to lose weight. He’s against crash diets, so will work doing exercises that I CAN do. He went so far once, as to go to the athletic shoe store with me and assist me with the knowledge of a supportive shoe. Other wise, I’d have ‘gone’ with something pretty!!!


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