A New Low

1.5:  The lowest white blood cell count yet.

My conversation with the rheumatology nurse left me with no doubt… little white pills are most certainly on the horizon.  A re-test is planned for the end of the month, so I have two weeks to increase my count enough to plead my case to remain prednisone-free.  At this moment, however, in the glare of an undeniably dangerous WBC, I can’t help but feel disheartened.  There isn’t much lower it can go.  I may not have a choice.

3 thoughts on “A New Low

    • Thanks, Elaine. Means a lot. :) The vicious cycle continues, but I need to put it in perspective. I’m still the healthiest I’ve ever been otherwise. I guess we’ll see what happens at the end of the month! Thanks again for the support!!


  1. Hi honey. Thinking about you lots as I read your last post. I understand this is very frustrating news but you are doing a great job trying to keep things in perspective and staying positive. You are certainly an inspiration. I look forward to a lunch date next week! Love Allana


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