The Road to Race Day: Training Week 1


(photo source)

Registered? Check.  First training run? Check.  Full intimidation looking at my 14 week training schedule?  Triple check.  Blogged regularly for the last month? Uh… uncheck?

It’s been several weeks since my last post and I’ve been re-learning Elena’s age-old lesson of “this is what happens when you commit to too many things!”  I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to stay pretty healthy throughout the madness of studying for a course, acting in two performances, dance class, contract work, and regular work.  I did, however, miss a pretty significant date by four weeks: The start of my planned 18-week half-marathon training schedule.  Feeling deflated and embarrassed that my goal of running a half-marathon this year was no longer a reality, one of my keepers reminded me that any race is an accomplishment and that I still have time for 10 km training.  Brought back down to earth, I realized how silly it was to think that I could do the half-marathon, when 6 km is the longest distance I’ve ever run.  I guess my Dad’s miraculous jump from non-runner straight to an amazing 2.5 hour half-marathon finish made me feel like I had that in me, too.  I was trying to deny that my road is longer and slower, but in the end I know it’ll take me to the same place, as long as I work hard and believe that I can do it.  The 2.5 hour finish, however, I’ll leave to my Dad!

Today, on training day #1, 10 K feels a long way away, but as I prepare, I will arm myself with these thoughts:

– There were months when you could not walk around the block.

– There was a time when you thought you could not run for 1 minute straight.

– There were years you thought you would never be healthy enough to run at all.

Sometimes you need to summon the past to remind you that the impossible is happening right now.  

So, it’s official, I’ve pressed “start” on my 10 K challenge.  The road to race day has begun!

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