Face Forward into 2012: Finding Love in the Kitchen


One of the first things that 2012 brought to my door (quite literally) was a bag of gently used cooking pots. Previous to that, I was spontaneously gifted three integral cooking utensils that I have stubbornly gone without.  Who knew that using a garlic press for the first time could cause me so much happiness?  What the heck was I thinking this whole time not using one?  My generous benefactors have made me realize that not only do I have to learn to cook healthy food, but I need to enjoy it.  I cooked more in 2011 than I ever have in my whole life and for that, I am proud, but my motivation to be in the kitchen is still spotty at best.  Having the right tools can really make the difference between a happy, inspired cook and a cranky girl fumbling with a garlic clove. That being said, the only reasonable thing to do now is to search for love… in the kitchen.  It’s not the typical romance most people hope for at the beginning of the New Year, but if I can find joy at the chopping block then there’ll be joy in my joints.

Here are two things I’ve done recently to pave the way for some extra enjoyment and motivation in the kitchen:

1.  Clear the space:  I brought an old shelving unit I had in the kitchen of my previous apartment out of storage, so I could move things like my toaster oven, knives, etc., off my counter.  Now, the area is less cluttered, more inviting, and there is more room to prep ingredients.

2. Keep it in plain sight:  I bought glass containers, so that I can line my newly spacious counter with healthy ingredients to remind me to use them. Quinoa, dried cranberries/raisins, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, wild/brown rice, and gluten-free pasta are currently on display.

I’m looking to be inspired, my friends, by your tales of kitchen love.  What keeps you coming back for more?

3 thoughts on “Face Forward into 2012: Finding Love in the Kitchen

  1. Being in the kitchen makes me feel like a wide-eyed kid. Every time I find a recipe that sounds delicious, I gather the ingredients and bounce around the kitchen, measuring, cooking, tasting, baking. I love the “hands-on”-ness of everything, from cutting celery to mixing raw meat and spices with my hands. Even if a recipe flops, I know at least I gave it a shot. When a dish turns out well, it’s pure awesomeness. :)


  2. All the best with your new equipment! Definitely browse a cooking supplies store. Only you know what you really need.

    About cooking itself… Sometimes it’s just basic survival. When trying a new recipe, it’s like making a new friend. Old recipes are old friends and family.

    My Ma was always curious about new recipes and loved cooking shows. I used to mail her recipe cards from Safeway and Sobeys. Since she was in New York, she got a kick out of them.
    When she died a couple of years ago, I went back to her recipes and posted about them. It made me feel she was still with me.

    As I had included her name, she’s developed a following. Hope she got a chuckle from that. She never even e mailed, now she’s google-able!!


    • @ Row: Love that cooking makes you feel like a wide-eyed kid!! Now that you’ve mentioned it, there really is an enjoyment in handling food. There is something satisfying about the feel uncooked rice as it falls through your hands or kneading dough. :)

      @ Marg: Great story about your mom and her recipes. It’s true that food is about far more than the food itself. It’s amazing that you were able to preserve and honour her memory like that, while sharing pieces of her with other people!


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