Detox Challenge: End of Week Two

Week Two Positive Effects:

1.  My stomach is less of a gurgly, gassy mess and more of a pleasant partner in digestive bliss.  Okay, so it’s not that perfect, but it’s pretty damn good.  My insides feel cleaned out, not entirely, but enough for me to lose that heavy, clogged up feeling.

2.  I’m drinking more water and not only that, I finally bought a new filter for my Brita jug.  I’ve been drinking water from my tap out of pure laziness, but the detox forced me to think about the benefits of extra filtration.  As a result, the water tastes better and I want more of it.  I’ve been known to have my first drink of water halfway through the day.  Years of dehydration has turned off my “thirst alert.”  Time to deprogram!

3.  I finished the baby carrot bag, not once, but twice. Living alone, I have never been able to  finish a bag of baby carrots before they turned into a dried up, moldy mess.  The detox rules have turned me into a beta-carotene junkie and to my surprise, I’m actually finding them quite satisfying.  Who knew?

Week Two Negative Effects:

I’ve had a headache all weekend and had to take a tylenol at work yesterday, which I hardly ever do, even if I’m in a lot of pain.  I think the headaches have more to do with the way I’ve been sleeping than with the detox.  I’m trying desperately to get into a consistent routine, but it’s a roller coaster ride of early bedtimes and late night failures.  It’s a battle of wills between me and my delinquent, inner night owl.  The differences between my bedtimes in the last week have been so extreme day to day that my body and my adrenal gland (or so my naturopath tells me) is reeling.  I have no one to blame but myself.  I need to write “SLEEP IS MEDICINE” all over my house.  Maybe then I’ll actually get my ass into bed where I belong.

Week Two Weight Changes:

Lost two more pounds.  Total in two weeks: 3 pounds.

Week Two Biggest Challenges:

Eating out.  I end up taking so many ingredients out of my meal, it’s hard to know if I’m even getting my money’s worth in the end.  At times, it’s hard to watch other people eat.  I’m generally okay, but I had serious pangs of jealousy watching a few of my keepers eat a saskatoon crumble and cheesecake.  I don’t even like cheesecake! My Thanksgiving Dinner with my family will be interesting to say the least…

Week Two Favourite Foods to Satisfy Cravings:

1. Cashew butter and whatever food you want to dip into it.  Delicious.  I may never want or need peanut butter again.

2. Corn flax chips or seasoned plantain chips to halt the desire for their potato counterpart.

Week Two Cheating:

During week two, I had sushi three times, all with white rice, some including shrimp, mushroom, and a little bit of sauce. I also had a spicy sauce on a veggie burger and a soy sauce marinated piece of tofu.  It’s all pretty minor, but I’m a master at guilt.  It’s important to note that sushi three times a week is pretty excessive normally much less on a detox!

I’m entering my last week of detox and I feel like my will is pretty solid.  The days go quickly and I’m excited to know I’m on the home stretch.  I never, in a million years, would have thought that I could last this long without bread or dairy.  It feels good to know I have it in me.

The passage of time has been on my mind lately, this being the very month I was officially diagnosed with lupus 10 years ago. Coincidentally (or not), this month is also Lupus Awareness Month across the globe.  I’m never quite sure what to do for Lupus Awareness Month.  Advertise it on facebook? Email my co-workers? Encourage friends and family to donate?  At the moment, I choose to send out love to my fellow lupies around the world (you know who you are) and to all the keepers who take care of them. I’m heading into another decade of lupus living and I choose to skip the jaunt down memory lane.  What’s done is done and the conclusion to my detox challenge awaits!

2 thoughts on “Detox Challenge: End of Week Two

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It is hard to change the eating habits of a lifetime, especially when you’re eating with others or sitting down to a traditional holiday dinner. Tell the waiter what you need to avoid – they can cook special orders or make substitutions if they want you to return.

    Three pounds!!!


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