My Version of 30

Turning the “Big 3-0” has some heavy connotations for some people:  You should be done “that” and doing “this,” have this much of “that,” own “this,” birth “this many” mini-me’s, etc.  As it turns out, my version of 30 is a month-to-month apartment lease and a three day work week.  There’s a lot of breathing room in my current moment, pockets of space and time where I can marvel at the unexpected unravellings of my life story.  It’s pretty incredible what has taken place to put me here, on this couch, typing these words, (or you reading it, for that matter) irregardless of whether or not I measured up to a “before I’m 30” delusion conjured up 15 years ago.  The sludge and shine of my 20’s has me primed and on the edge of my seat for my second decade living with lupus.  So, bring it on, Universe, surprise me with what happens next!

A “Dance Diaries” post on the results of last weekend’s dance recital craziness is on deck, along with a “Cooking for the Wolf” post on last night’s “Vegan/Non-Acidic Potluck Challenge” with three of my best keepers.  Good food and good company is the running theme this first week of my 30’s:  Eggs Florentine birthday breakfast, sushi birthday dinner, a veggie burger on herbed foccacia bread that I can’t stop thinking about, a successful and delicious vegan potluck, and a vegetarian dinner with one of my keepers tonight.  Preparing and eating healthy, delicious food will be one of my highest priorities in the coming year, so I can’t think of a better way to bring in my 30’s than with a very happy stomach!


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