The Healing Power of Storytelling

Today, I opened my faceforwardblog email account to find a message from The Lupus Initiative:

In honour of Lupus Awareness Month, we will be launching the Lupus Initiative Story Bank. The Story Bank will be comprised of short videos detailing the lupus journey through the voices of individuals with a vested interest in the quality of care lupus patients receive.

We are asking members of the lupus community—patients, caregivers, advocates, allies and others—to tell the stories that medical and health professionals need to hear. Our goal is to support medical professionals as they learn how to better care for people with lupus.

As a blogger and active member of the lupus community, we hoped you would be interested in sharing a pivotal moment in your lupus journey in a 1-2 minute video for the Story Bank. We believe stories such as yours will be inspirational and can illustrate the benefits of being a proactive patient.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  This is definitely the kind of initiative that I can get behind!  Submissions will be accepted till May 31st and select videos will be posted starting on World Lupus Day on May 10, 2011.  My video is already in the works and I will definitely post it here on Face Forward, regardless of whether it is chosen for The Lupus Initiative’s website or not.

I hope that you, my lovely readers, will also consider submitting a video.  Even if you don’t have lupus, you have been touched by it.  By reading my blog, you have shared in my “lupie journey”.  As part of my blog family, you are part of my support network, an integral part of how I deal with my chronic illness.  1 – 2 minutes of your life story could make a difference in the way health professionals approach the health and care of lupus patients and can help to emphasize the importance of acknowledging and educating their support network. Check out this link for more info.

Your life story could change lives.  Now, that’s powerful stuff!

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