Dance Diaries Wednesdays: Performance Countdown Begins!

“People are expecting you to suck.  They expect all intro classes to suck.  This dance is not a beginner dance because you’re capable of more than that.  It’s hard.  It’s fast. If you practice and work hard, in the next six weeks this dance could be fierce.  So, prove them all wrong.  Don’t be what they expect because that’s not who you are.”

That was my instructor’s “locker room speech” tonight as he prepared us for the rigorous rehearsing required in the next six weeks before our public performance.  Since my last “Dance Diaries” post, Cher was ousted by a new glam rock number that has us rippin’ up the stage in asymmetrical black and gold.  It’s full of angsty, bad-ass attitude and I’m feeling pumped and ready to put in some major sweat in preparation for the performance.

So, the countdown is on!  I have six weeks to do the unexpected and to hopefully, perform a mini-miracle on the dance floor.  I also have six weeks left of my 20’s and oh, what a decade it was.  It ain’t over yet and I can still squeeze in a whole lot of awesomeness until I literally dance my way into the next decade of my life!

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