Spring Cleaning!

It’s Spring.  It’s time to shake off the dirty water left overs of a long and heavy Winter.  If you’re like me, you’re ready for some sunshine and some light(ness) –  It’s time for another layer of growth, baby, but we gotta open up and create some space for some much needed renewal and rejuvenation!

Exorcising the Ghosts of Pills Gone By:  I have enough empty pill bottles that I could stack them to the ceiling and back again. All together, they create a black hole back in time to a messy, unbalanced, chemically pumped former me.  I don’t need the ghost of my pharmaceutical past in my space or in my face.  Time to bag ’em and leave ’em at the pharmacist counter.

Making Room for the New Medicine Cabinet:  My Belly!! I’m going on 7 weeks without chocolate (the longest EVER) and I’ve cut my consumption of juice, bread, and refined sugars in preparation for an all out food fight with “the wolf.”  My will power, which is usually weepy, wavery, and pathetic, has held strong.  Next step: Appointment with naturopath to seek advice on how to begin!

These Shoes are Made for Running:  It’s time for my boots to walk right back into their shoe boxes and my runners to take a permanent position at my front door.  They need to be visible whenever I come and go from my home.  Heck, I should trip on them.  I’m already running over 3 miles in preparation for my 2.6 mile race in 2 months  – gotta keep myself focused and hitting the pavement!

Scraping Off the Mind Crud:  The time has come to take my yoga matt out of my apartment and back into yoga class.  I plan to start my yoga pass in the next week or so to balance my body out between runs and to give my mind a breather.  I’ve gathered a lot of mind crud this Winter and I’m hoping some yoga zen will help to scrape all that pesky crap away.

It’s a spring cleaning of my insides, my friends.  It’s a new season and I need to create more reasons to be hopeful for a lupus life that is more life than lupus.  The possibilities lie only in the effort I make, although I must confess that I was almost taken down by a freshly baked chocolate macaroon cookie!

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