New Recruits to E’s Mission to Remission

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting:  It’s the whispered reminder that seems to be a permanent fixture in my post-flare life.  Change is the name of the game and the decision to work half-time was just the beginning. Next up?  Changing up the faces on the health professional side of my “Mission to Remission Team.”  This morning, I got on the phone and made appointments over the next couple of weeks to check out the life warrior potential of some new recruits:

A new G.P.:  I like my present doctor, but for years I have been trying to find a good, female doctor who is accepting patients.  Not only is this one taking patients and comes highly recommended by one of my keepers, it’s also minutes away from my work!

A naturopath: It’s a combination I never thought I would find, a naturopath who has experience working with clients with lupus, but lives with it as well. This discovery happened through the simple sharing of my story with a new friend who knew the naturopath personally.  Oh, and did I mention that her office is walking distance from my apartment?  Can it get any better than this?

A new ophthalmologist: I have to get eye tests from an ophthalmologist every 6 months because of my prolonged use of plaquenil.  I have disliked the “eye-side manner” of my current specialist, but never took the initiative to try to find another one.  Thankfully, one of my keepers is an optometrist, who is referring me to an ophthalmologist she knows personally.  I cancelled my upcoming appointment with my old specialist today!

I am feeling really excited to meet new people who could be part of helping me cultivate a lifestyle of wellness.  And just so you know, my Mission to Remission Team already has some permanent heavy hitters that I don’t plan on replacing anytime soon:

My amazing rheumatologist and rheumatology nurse

My personal pharmacist: My sister!

My personal optometrist: One of my oldest and dearest friends!

My certified massage therapist who I’ve been seeing for over 6 years

My financial advisor

My support system of keepers (you know who you are)

My blog family (you!)

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