Drawing the Finish Line

The snow is melting, my 3-month gym pass is up, and it’s time to start hitting the pavement.  My days of running in circles on my cozy, indoor track are over.  The open road awaits and it’s time to have a destination.

So, today, I sat down at my computer and spontaneously decided to register for a 2.6 mile race in mid – June!

I’ve been watching my 63-year-old father train outdoors almost everyday for two half-marathons in the Spring, barrelling through weeks of frigid weather.  Two of my keepers have achieved the “10 minute mile,” one of which is checking off an item on her “30th Year Bucket List” by running a 10 km race at the end of May.  The other, who lives with a heart condition, is thinking about tackling a half-marathon.  I say that these amazing people inspire me all the time, which, I’ve realized, is only half true.  Feeling inspired is just “Part A,” “Part B” is actually doing something as a result.

I’ve been running 2 miles without stopping at about 13 minutes per mile as part of my workouts.  In 2008, I finished my first 3.1 mile (5 km) race in 36 minutes at about 12 minutes per mile, but I ran 10 minute intervals, walking for one minute in between.  I’m hoping to run straight through my upcoming 2.6 mile race with a finish time of under 30 minutes.

So, big thank yous to my swift footed motivators for turning my track to nowhere into the open road.  My registration fee (and the worthy cause) has officially mapped out my destination and takes a portion of the reigns in inspiring me to cross the finish line… Now, the real work begins!


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