The Importance of Being Silent

I’ve been feeling very tired lately.  Perhaps, it is the tail end of  Winter that is lulling me into my nesting state or maybe it’s the absence of Evil P.  The reason hardly matters, however, as long as I recognize that my body is craving slowness and, as I discovered tonight, some peace and quiet.  As I puttered around the kitchen making dinner, I left the t.v. on as background noise.  When that proved to aggravating, I tried to put on some relaxing music, but I turned that off, too.

My body and I need some quiet time, to re-align ourselves, to put things back in balance.

I also think I need to turn off the t.v. at home for a while, which is a bit of a joke in itself since I don’t have cable and can only watch two channels anyway.  I tend to always do what I did tonight, turn it on to fill the apartment with noise. “They” say that the body communicates with us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.  Trying to listen over gunshots, court order drama, and laugh tracks doesn’t help much.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with watching t.v. to unwind, but sometimes it’s important to be silent, especially on days when your weary mind is already filled to the brim with heaviness and fatigue.  There’s hardly any room for anything else, so I figure, I better not try to stuff anything else in.

Well, I am off to bed shortly to get as much rest in as I possibly can.  And yes, remarkably, I’m not on my usual “night-owl perch” –  It is barely 10 p.m.  Here’s to a peaceful sleep, my friends.

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