Dance Diaries Wednesday: Bollywood, Baby!

After four weeks off, I’m officially back on the dance floor!  This time, I’m doing my best to muster up some Bollywood star power.  During a pause in the choreography, I stated emphatically to the class:

“My friend is a classically trained Indian dancer.  She would puke if she saw me right now.”

I had to do this position and hold it as I bounced forward. I'm sure you know how that turned out.

Through my friend, I have been lucky enough to be exposed to this beautiful dance form for many, many years.  The intricacy and quickness of moves right down to the direction of the dancer’s gaze always amazed and humbled me.  Damn, her leg muscles humbled me!  I’ve also seen her and many of her family members and friends perform Bollywood routines as a wedding gift or at other special occasions.  While experiencing the energy and theatricality of Bollywood dance, you can’t help but smile, clap, and cheer.

And so here I am, getting my chance to try it.  The music and choreography was SO fast, most of the time I felt like I was blurring everything together instead of hitting specific movements.  I’d go back and forth between getting a few counts of choreography and faking my way through several counts in order to catch up to everyone else. I must have looked like a harried, little chipmunk rather than a sexy Bollywood diva, but it didn’t really matter.  I had a great time!  I’m looking forward to practicing this week to see if I can improve next time.

So, okay, I don’t really think that my friend would puke.  I think she would actually be smiling, clapping, and cheering for me because I’m trying something she loves and is part of her.  And that’s the point, right?  I’m trying.

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