Post-Christmas Sniffles

Well, it turns out that a virus was at the bottom of my Christmas stocking this year.  At this point, it seems to be a cold and not the flu, but just in case, I’ve reluctantly cancelled today’s plans, kept the pjs on and hauled out the big teapot.  My favourite scented candle sends shadows across the mandarin orange peel lying open like a blossom on my kitchen table.  Someone’s baking in the apartment across the hall.  Thankfully, I still have my sense of smell and an appetite, so the fact that the world has decided to smell really good at the moment is pretty awesome.

Don’t worry, the virus wasn’t the only thing in my Christmas stocking.  In fact, a few of my keepers gave me some fancy, new kitchen tools to assist and motivate me in my cooking adventures.  By fluke, I also got some baking stuff through a family gift exchange, so it looks like I’m going to have to amp things up in 2011! I’m making up a list of recipes to try and showcase on the blog, including a vegetarian take on some Filipino recipes, which promises to be a very interesting experience.  My dad looked at me like I was insane when I suggested it, but my mom was more open to the idea and offered herself as a taste tester!

Well, my fuzzy socks (also in my stocking) and I are off to wait out this pesky little virus in bed with a book and a Christmas orange.  I don’t know why, but having a snack in bed is one of my favourite ways to relax.  In fact, I think you should eat a treat in bed, too.  That way, we can both feel better.

2 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Sniffles

  1. Sorry the virus found you, Elena. Rest in bed and enjoy your treats. Looking forward to your recipes. Please don’t take the shrimp out of the pancit. We finally learned the trick to dig down for them. Hope you’ll try some of the recipes in my blog, too : ) Marg


  2. It looks like the sniffles caught me this afternoon!!! I am hoping it doesn’t manifest into what everyone else has so apparently you weren’t the only one who received a virus in their stocking.
    If you need another taste tester let me know!!!
    I am taking you up on your suggestion, I am going to read in bed and have a snack as well.


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