Dance Diaries Wednesday (but on Friday…)

My apologies, dear reader, that this “Dance Diaries” post comes to you a wee bit late…

Dance Diaries:  The Circle of Death

I wanted to title this post “The Circle of Death,” but since my last Dance Diaries post also had the word “death” in it, I decided that, perhaps, I shouldn’t make it a trend. The “circle of death,” unlike my previous title, does not represent my personal commentary on a particular exercise.  It is my instructor’s newly introduced portion to our dance warm-up, which he, and those who he has subjected it to, have named the “circle of death.” Besides feeling like death when you do it, it also has to do with maintaining strength and endurance, so you don’t kill your classmates. To begin, each person in the circle does a set on their own, while the rest of the group are holding a “ready” position.  For example, if you are doing a side plank, the rest of the group would be waiting in the position of high plank.  After you are done your set (or in the case, your “10 count”), you go back into the “ready” position until the last person has finished.  Immediately afterwards, the whole group transitions into the next exercise and so on. And yes, it’s as horrendous as it sounds.  More, actually.

On Wednesday, included in this warm-up was an exercise I mentioned in my last Dance Diaries post, the push-up.  And no, not “lady push-ups,”which my instructor claims isn’t very different than a “real” push-up, it’s just that everyone does it incorrectly, thus making it easier.  Right.  I guess that’s why I could do one… Afterwards, he was appalled that not one of us had been successful in doing one real push-up.  A real push-up, he says, is one where your nose actually touches the floor.  In six months, he expects that everyone will be able to do four.  Reasonable, right?  I laughed out loud.  Maybe every morning I should be rolling out of bed and into a push up after all, or at least, into something that resembles it.  Mine is more like a “shake up” or a “flop down.”  I suppose the up side is that I would wake up pretty quickly either way.

Besides the whole “feeling as strong as a wet noodle” thing, I like the Circle of Death.  Well, I like the concept, anyhow:  To be strong and endure, not just for yourself, but for everyone in the group. Now if I can only get my inner strength and endurance to transfer outwards.  Yah, yah, I know.  I have to practice.

I am missing my dance class next week because I am out of town on retreat with work.  As a result, I will miss a big piece of lyrical jazz choreography.  It’s to Donna Summer’s late 70’s disco hit, “Last Dance,” and next time, we’d be past the cornball intro and into the part where Donna stops lamenting and gets her groove on.  I have to say, I do enjoy the cheese factor (I’m taking an adult  beginner jazz class – what else can you expect?), and I’m hoping I have my wits about me the week after next when I have to catch up on the quicker moves. In the meantime, I have found the “Last Dance” on youtube for you, so that you can listen and have a chuckle imagining my lyrical jazz version.  I use the terms “lyrical jazz” very loosely, of course.  Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say, “Elena’s version.”

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