I, Keeper

Over tea, my childhood friend told me that I am essentially unchanged.  That I am the same girl that constantly tapped him on the back and got him in trouble for turning around and talking in English class.  While pausing over a recent photo of me, a keeper’s father commented that no one would ever know what has happened in my life from looking at me, that some people carry it in their faces, but I was not one of those people.  These comments bring me peace tonight after a day tinged in lupie ickiness.  It makes me realize that I’ve been searching for stability in all the wrong places. It was right under my nose… actually, it is my nose.  That is to say, it’s me.  I am the most reliable and stable part of my life.  It’s laughable and just ridiculous enough to be true.

One thought on “I, Keeper

  1. And with each new realization, a wall of darkness came tumbling down, until finally, there remained only rubble and the blinding light of self-awareness


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