Dance Diaries Wednesday: Death by Plank

Defying the snow and news anchor advice, I waddled outside in my boots, determined to at least try to get myself to dance class.  My little car and I made it, but I can’t say the same for my jazz shoes.   They ended up staying at home tonight.  Remarkably, one of my classmates had an extra pair in my size.  I smiled to myself as I slipped them on.  Perhaps, I thought, dancing in someone else’s shoes will help my arms swing with the opposite leg?  Obviously not, but practice does, which is why I have been “prancing” around my apartment lately.  Blinds closed, of course.

The fact that she is smiling is disturbing to me...

Our dance warm-ups are killer.  I always had respect for dancers, but after doing what is most likely 1/4 of the intensity of a “real” dance warm-up, well, let’s just say I sweat in places I have never sweat before.  As part of that warm up and usually towards the end of it, we do the plank.  Sometimes it’s the regular plank on your elbows and sometimes, like tonight, we do the inclined plank.  My arms hurt just thinking about it.  In yoga, it’s called “vasisthana,” a pose that requires strength and balance, strengthening arms and the abdomen.  Too bad I have no muscles in those areas.

A part of me feels like I should try to practice this pose at home.  The other part of me tells me I’d never be able to be consistent about it, so why bother?  My co-worker had gone to a wellness workshop facilitated by a woman who rolls out of bed every morning right onto the floor to do push-ups.  I remember laughing at the fact that she would awaken and confuse her husband with her grunts from the floor.  Push-ups first thing in the morning?  That stuff’s pretty hard core for me.  I shuffle around in a morning fog for at least half an hour, but I guess the point is that she had a routine.  The plank is pretty daunting in all it’s forms, but I feel like I’ve got to try and get some strength in this body while I am so pain-free. No morning grunting for me, though.  I think I’ll sit down tomorrow and plan on something more reasonable.  I’ll keep you posted!

Tonight was a really great class.  I had tons of fun and laughed a lot.  My instructor is teaching us a lyrical jazz piece for the next few weeks before Christmas Break.  The moves we were learning today were slower, so I think that’s why I was feeling much more relaxed and able to grasp it.  He actually gave me a high five today after we did a move that I had practiced all week!  After class, I walked out into a snow globe.  I took off my hood and  let the snowflakes melt into my hair as I walked up the steps to my apartment.  As the door swung open, I caught a glimpse of my jazz shoes.  I think that if they had been there, they would have been proud of me tonight!

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