Belated Blog Birthday!

I know I just posted yesterday, but I just realized that three days ago, my blog celebrated it’s 1st birthday!  I’ve traveled from the edge of the Lupus precipice and back again (and again), or in blog-speak, birthed 67 posts and somehow wrangled 4652 views from within the vast internet universe.

Let’s pull the cobwebs off my very first post, shall we?

“everything we know about the brain is based on the brain itself.”

September 14, 2009 by the face

I have been awake for the last three months.  I wasn’t eating for two.

Half of it’s the steroids… but most of it’s my brain; my mysterious, inflamed and invisible enemy dancing in my head.  The chemo hasn’t shown up yet to break up the party, you see.

My name is Elena and I am showing you my face:  My Lupus Face.  There.  I’ve said it.  I’ve said it and you’re going to see it.  I am the lab rat of your dreams.

The curtain rises on the final movie in the “Lupian Trilogy” and the battle field is raging:  The Battle of the Brain.  And they thought the body was hard.  Ha.

I have three observations on the humble, manic beginning of my blog: a) apparently, having Lupus Cerebritis is like being in an epic adventure movie, which solidifies that b) my love of Lord of the Rings is out of hand and c) no one should ever take for granted the grandiose awesomeness of being able to sleep and eat.

Ah yes, life goes on.  It is one of the most poignant lessons of this past year for me, that no matter how devastating or challenging or horrible a life event may be, nothing will stop for it.  Everything will move forward. Linger within that moment in time and everything will move past you – your friends, your family, work, all the dreams of all the things you want to do in your life… so you better get your ass movin’ to catch up.

A few weeks ago, one of my long distance keepers wrote me this in an email:

“Life does go on and don’t forget your life is a wonderful journey. You have so much life experience that a lot of people our age don’t have. You are a story waiting to be told.”

“I am a story.”  I like that.

With all my conflicted, fickle feelings about this blog, I’m happy that my baby blog is one years old!  Happy Birthday, Bloggy!

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