More and Less

The heat persists.  It hangs low, it’s sticky fingers creeping through my window screen. My fan whirs a constant hum and  I feel stiff, tired, curious.  I feel like having a serious sit down with my white blood cells:  Dudes, listen, I’m pretty sure I’m not infected with anything right now, so I just wanted to say thanks, you know, for working double duty, but if it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me what the hell is going on in there??

My last blood test results revealed a 0.1 drop in my whities in one week.  It’s a wee jump down, but takes my whitie power to 42 %, which isn’t incredibly awesome either.  Dr. H’s Plan of Action:  Go off the Big M for two weeks and get re-tested to see if my whitie count will go up.  As per usual, I am unimpressed with the idea of yo-yoing on and and off my meds, but I am eager to solve the crime, so I will cooperate with the authorities. My re-test in on Friday.

I’m not stressed about it, really.  Just curious.  Always curious about that amazing, cellular, regenerative world inside of me, always wondering how my cells are figuring things out with all the years of prescription meds and mad, crazy, Lupus fury.  

My “anniversary” came and went.  I feel silly mentioning it.  I did today at work, which I regret.  I wish there was more silence in me.  More silence and more white blood cells.

3 thoughts on “More and Less

  1. Don’t apologize for mention your anniversary! You are a huge survivor and survivors get to celebrate anniversaries. Anything you want to celebrate let me know, I will be there with bells on :)


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