Face-Off: A New Name for a New Game

The name game.  It’s all about perspective.  

I thought that naming this blog “Lupus Face” was a huge step in acceptance.  By branding myself, I could never forget or be in denial of my reality.  I would always be head-to-head with Lupus, engulfed in the battle, the warrior that never slept.

When I brought up my keeper’s suggestion of changing the name of this blog in my last post, Ramon suggested that I consider “Finding Face.”  It made me think about what I’m searching for.  Will being in a constant face-off with Lupus get me to where I want to be, or do I have to change directions, change perspectives and face forward?  Don’t we need to face forward in order to start moving, in order to take those first steps towards the life we really want?

So today, I changed “Lupus Face:  One in a Sea of a Thousand” to “Face Forward:  Finding Life in Lupus.” A new name.  A new look.  A new way of thinking.  

2 thoughts on “Face-Off: A New Name for a New Game

    • Thanks, Marg! I like it, too. With all the change happening in my life, the blog wasn’t feeling right. Hopefully, now I will feel like writing more!


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