Tame (your) Fires

There are 5 million people livin’ the Lupie Life on this crazy, spinning globe.  They’re napping and limping and pill-popping all over the place, sprinkled across the map like inflamed, red push-pins.

Inflamed:  Latin for “set on fire.”

We’re on fire, baby.

There’s a choice here.  You get to choose your fire.  We can’t stamp it out.  This lupus thing is for life, kids, let’s just make that clear.  You can let it destroy you or let it warm you.

I’m approaching Year 9 of livin’ like a dangerous, fiery ball of denial.  It’s been a thrill ride of emotional rollercoasters, death drops and occasional nausea and if it weren’t for my Keepers, I wouldn’t have been able to keep myself strapped in.  Things have come to their tipping point.  It’s time to make a different choice.

As I approach my 9th year, I’m going to reflect on the 9 big lessons I’ve learned since my Lupie birth.  Let’s call it the “Big 9” for now.  Coming soon…

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