It Doesn’t Hurt

Say what you will about talent reality shows and the artistic merits of contemporary dance, all I know is that this dance piece shown on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” reached out of the television set and grabbed me, pulled me to the edge of my parents’ bed.  The story behind the piece is of a young woman, sent away because she has “gone mad.”  The music begins as her lover arrives to see her for the very first time in her changed state… 

A message to the few keepers that saw the worst, the darkest of it in the hospital: 

Did it grab you too?

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Hurt

  1. This keeper says that both were powerful, dramatic and emotional but the one on the video cuts a way better move than you ever did :) This is countered by the realization that by the end of the video performance, she did not appear to be any better, whereas your performance has had a much happier outcome to date. She’s done, but your still dancing. Keep on dancing, E.


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