Welcome to the HOUSE Party

house1Ok, people, you’ve got the background.  You know what I have, you know my medical history, you know that it’s the Battle of the Brain.  Now it’s time for the real work to begin… but are you really ready to rumble?

This is a medical blog, my friends.  Medical.  I will not be telling you about my coffee date with so and so nor will I be venting about how much I hate the unintelligent and frankly insulting (to my own intelligence) Conservative ads on TV right now.  No.  This is about Lupus.  We’re trying to solve a mystery here and damn it, we need to focus.  This is the battle of my life, people and I’m not going to lose it.

So this post is about buy in, if you are ready to, because this is serious stuff, people.  I don’t have time to sugar coat things for you, I don’t have time to worry about whether talking about my bowel movements makes you feel awkward because frankly, I don’t care.  This is what the body does and “icky” things like patterns in my menstral cycle are informative messages from my body that deserves further investigation.  So if you can’t handle that, then you better just leave.    Seriously.

This is the REAL house party and I’m Dr. House.  You can be my team of hot and perplexed young doctors, but listen, there’s no turning back from here.  You’ve seen the show, so I know that you understand what I mean.  I think there has probably been an episode already where House becomes his own patient.  Let’s go with that.  We’re in the second half of the episode already, because we’ve already figured out what I have, I’m getting sicker by the minute, so the stakes are getting even higher (and my brow even sweatier).  The meds haven’t kicked in yet, but we have a feeling that we don’t have time to wait, so I’m workin’ on strength of will alone.  It’s time to get out the white board and figure out what the hell is going on here.

And if you’re intimidated by this, good, because I am too.  I have a theatre degree.  I am a self-proclaimed right brained champion of the world.  I don’t DO science.  I am not a science person.  But I have decided that that’s bull crap because I have to be.  i need to turn myself into a science person.  I have to believe that I am a science person because this is the battle of my life.  And you better believe that I AM NOT LOSING IT.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the HOUSE Party

  1. But remember, there is no right brain and left brain — or at least no real strength of one vs. the other. At least that’s what I think. THUS, there’s nothing in the way of anything. You ARE a science person. Maybe not in practice, but in the mind. And that’s what this whole thing comes down to, anyway, right? The mind. The brain.

    I’m so glad you started this blog. As I type this, you’re only a few hours away from your next round of Chemo, I believe, and I know you’ll be strong and get through that. Hopefully “puke-free”, but if not, you’ll get through that, too. I can’t say, “It’ll for sure start working this time,” or anything like that, because really, it’s B.S. I don’t know, nor does anyone. But I DO know that if it doesn’t start working this time, that still doesn’t mean it’s over. And as long as the fight’s not over, there’s still work to be done and mysteries to solve!

    (Also… I know I’m white, and far from cool, but can I be Foreman? Because then I can make out with Thirteen!)


  2. Matt: Done. For you Dr. Goulet, it shall be done. It is only natural that you would be the first to be cast on my team… and that you would be the hot British guy. He marries the hot chick, you know? Let’s get on that, shall we?

    Paul: Ah yes, you are kind and wise to remind me of our lunch conversation. This barrier we have decided to put in between our “brains” is an illusion that we have created ourselves. There is one brain. One. Wow. Now that’s a revelation that I will definitely be posting about later. Thanks, my dear. And yes, of course you can be Foreman. Anything I can do to help you make out with hot women is on the top of my priority list.


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